Trekking over China

I’m still doing this, but definitely not with the same precision as when I swam to China.  Seems I’m less precise since child, than before.  Surprise, surprise.  Here’s the update.  I’m a third of the way to my goal of 3,000 “China Miles.”  I made it from Shanghai to Chongqing, where The Bing is from.  How cool is that!  Next, northeast toward Tajikstan and Pakistan.

  • Guestimate since last post: 75 China Miles + 15 yesterday and today for a total of 105
  • My new grand total is: 1025 China Miles, only 1975 miles to go!

Trekking over China – not forgotten

But it has been a loooooong time.  I haven’t posted on this topic since November 12, in fact.  You’d think I’d been busy.  I haven’t been to the pool since that last post and the Rec Center folks were all so curious about Snowflake too.  However, we did walk a LOT in China and we’ve been walking recently now that the weather is nice.  Snowflake loves to go downtown in her stroller, which is about a mile.  So, I’m going to guestimate some miles to add on to my Trekking over China goal.

  • In China walking: 60 China miles

(I’m sure we walked more than 90 minutes in our 2 weeks, but I don’t think it was fast exercise-type walking, so I’m not counting it)

  • 5 walks downtown and back home = 150 China Miles

Previous total: 330 China Miles

New Total: 540 China Miles – only 2,460 miles to go!

Trekking over China

  • Wednesday, November 7 ~ 20 swimming China Miles
  • Friday, November 9 ~ 20 walking China Miles
  • Saturday, November 10 ~ 20 walking China Miles
  • Weekly Total ~ 60 China Miles
  • Grand Total ~ 330 China Miles, only 2670 to go!

In less than a week I’ll be trekking over China IN CHINA and next week I’ll have some glorious new company!

Trekking over China

My swims:

  • Monday, October 29 ~ 20 laps
  • Wednesday, October 31 ~ 20 laps
  • Friday, November 2 ~ 20 laps
  • My weekly total ~ 60 China Miles
  • My grand total ~ 210 China Miles

There are now two other “Trekking over China” participants ~ April and Phoenix.  April is local mom with five kids.  Three bio-kids and two Chinese, adopted kids.  One is home, the other is waiting for them in China, like our Snowflake.  I’ve known Phoenix since the late 1980s when I lived in Rhode Island.  Neither of us live there anymore, but we keep in touch and she’s been following the journey to Snowflake closely.  Both understand the rules and want to log in China Miles.  April has some miles to log in now and Phoenix is just starting to log. 

April’s Miles:

  • 60 total over two weeks

GRAND TOTAL ~ 270 China Miles, only 2730 to go.

Trekking over China

  • Monday, October 22 ~ 20 swimming laps
  • Wednesday, October 24 ~ 20 swimming laps
  • Thursday, October 25 ~ 10 walking China miles
  • Weekly Total ~ 50 China Miles
  • Grand Total ~ 150 China Miles, only 2850 to go!

It’s funny, now that I’m starting a new goal, I’ve really slowed down.  I’m funny that way.  When I’m reaching the end, I really cruise.  I did that when I was reaching milestones during Swimming to China (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the way), but now I’m just plodding along.  That’s okay, I guess.  I’m still moving.

Trekking over China

I have a new exercise goal.  This time I am Trekking over China.  The rules are the same as before:  each lap in the pool equals one mile.  Also, walking and other forms of exercise will count, but I need to re-figure my walking equivalency, as I don’t think what I determined for “Swimming to China” is accurate anymore.  I think I walk a little faster now.  Anyway, swimming laps and everything else will be converted to “China Miles.”  The distance is 3,000 miles.  I’ve just completed my second week, but didn’t account last week, as I hadn’t decided what I was going to call this. 

  • Tuesday, October 9: swam 20 laps
  • Thursday, October 11: walked 20 “laps”
  • Weekly Total: 40 China Miles
  • Monday, October 15: swam 20 laps
  • Thursday, October 18: swam 20 laps
  • Friday, October 19: swam 20 laps
  • Weekly Total: 60 China Miles
  • Grand Total: 100 China Miles, only 2,900 China Miles to go!

If anyone would like to join me, let me know.  There are wonderful sites in China ~ the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Yangtze River, including the gorges,  my daughter’s birthplace and orphanage.  Oh, the place is rich with wonders.  Come along and let’s check ’em out!!!

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