Trekking Over China

Before we were matched with Snowflake, I realized I needed to get into shape.  I’m also notoriously horrible at sticking with an exercise program for more than 3 weeks.  In February 2006, I devised a plan to swim to China.  Each lap represents one mile.  I found a swim partner, another waiting mom, and we split the laps from a mid-Western town to China ~ 6,600 laps or China miles (3,300 laps each).  At a certain point, we decided to include other forms of exercise (walking, running, kayaking…) working out equivalents that matched our swimming laps.  For me, that means “any significant exercise for 30 minutes” = “20 swim laps” or “China Miles.”  I reached China on October 5, 2007 ~ 3 days after we were matched with Snowflake.  You can read about it under the category Swimming to China.

I then started a new goal called Trekking over China.  The rules are the same.  It’s about 3,000 miles across China.  I’ll be recording my progress each week.  You can read about it under the category Trekking over China.


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