I am Cavatica.  The name is from the book, Charlotte’s Web.  I’ve always admired Charlotte, the spider, in the book, as she was a wonderful friend and a good writer.  What she wrote was meaningful, making a lasting impact on others.  The Chinese characters by my name, Cavatica, are my Chinese name ~ Jiang Mei Jie.   Jiang is our family’s Chinese surname, given to me by my daughter, Bing~Bing.  It means river.  Mei Jie is my personal name given by our first Chinese teacher.  It means Beautiful Eyelashes.  

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5 Responses

  1. Hi, sorry to use the “About” section to send you a note. But sure, you can link to me if you wish. Thanks for checking first.

  2. please take notice of belated comment on acticle “School violence”!

  3. Congratulations, what a beautiful little pearl! Hoop you soon can go to bring her home.

    I saw your lid 5 december, 05. I thought the cut off was 30 november, 05??

    Good luck with your girl!

    // Kajsa

  4. You’re not a mom-in-waiting anymore……. it’s official! You’re a MOM!

  5. It was a delight to see Sleeping Beauty.

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