Neglected blog

Hmmm, it has been awhile. Is there anybody out there? Cavatica’s Web has been seriously neglected. I think about it, but it seems I’ve gotten very busy. I have this job, you see. It’s busy there. Very busy. I have a family. They are awesome and I’d love to blog about them, especially one very amazing 5-year-old. And there’s Facebook. Yes, Facebook has stolen my blog time. Sorry. Really I am, as fun as it is, it’s superficial. But there’s a few developments here, that make me want to blog a bit.
1) A few blog post swirling around in my head. Ideas for them, anyway. Things that just can’t be done well in a FB post. Just to give you a head’s up, mine especially, as I don’t want to lose track here, I’m thinking of a post I wrote a long time ago called My Promises. I would like to talk more about some of those things, 3 years later.
2) I’ve been writing more about my atheism on FB and getting some nice feedback, from other atheists, but also curious Christians. No one is being rude and this is marvelous. So, one friend sent me a link to questions to ask an atheist and I’d like to try to answer some of them, from my limited perspective, of course. I am just me, afterall. Still, I think it’s a good opportunity to think about this.
3) I have some absolutely marvelous pictures of The Bing that are just itching to be on here. Hubs, dear man that he is, is not my friend. That is, not my FB friend, and he has no way to share these lovelies with his friends. Also, I find this blog a nicer record than FB, so I gotta put some pictures up.

That’s about it. Let me know if you’re still out there.


2 Responses

  1. Still here!

  2. Still here too though way behind in blog reading.

    BTW….we’ve got to firm up our meet up plans for August. It is coming soon. Will email you today.

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