Teenager parenting for preschoolers?

The other day Hubs & I heard a story on the radio about parenting teenagers to help them resist peer pressure. I mentally tucked the information away for later, but Hubs said, “why not now?” Basically the idea is you teach kids to argue with you so they know how and can argue with their peers in a tough situation instead of following along. You know, and resist drugs, sex, and whatever they’re doing these days. I thought BB too young for this at 4, going on 5. I thought it would confuse and overwhelm her, but also thought if you want to try, why not?

So Hubs, when faced with a disagreement with BB has been challenging her to defend her position.

Tell me why it’s a good idea for you to watch TV now?

At first, she needed some coaching, but it’s really taking AND I think reducing tantrums. BB knows she has a chance to get her way. It’s not just “no.” It’s, “no, unless you can tell me why it’s a better idea than mine.” And she has given some pretty persuasive arguments.

I’ve been listening all day.
Will you brush your teeth & hair before TV?
How about turning it off?
When you say.

So things formerly demanded are now negotiated. And her behavior has been great! Of course this will last for 2 weeks, at best, when she’s likely to turn into a troll-child with the latest development we didn’t anticipate. Phew…this childhood thing is exhausting! Yet, there’s something different about this. I mean, this technique should last through her teens, no?


2 Responses

  1. Man is this what I should be doing? My fear with E is how good she is all the time. Maybe this will be the key to teaching her to self advocate!

  2. I’d love to try this with R and M.

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