Wedding clock ticking again

We have  a space in our living room, which we have long-planned for our wedding clock.  During our engagement, Hubs and I purchased a clock together, as a wedding gift to each other.  We first started it together at our wedding.  It ran in our first house, but when we moved here, we needed to do some work before we could hang it and finding the time to do it wasn’t easy.  We decided to take this Christmas vacation and get it ready.  Until now the space has lacked imagination (well, we imagined it, but it wasn’t there for others to see).  We used it as an extra space for random stuff and it was pretty blah.  Here it is right before we started working.  We had just taken down our Christmas tree.


The first change was to remove the painted paneling, which was a mess.  We expected to find something terrible beneath it, as we wondered if it had been put up to hide something.  Things were okay underneath, so now we think it was just an accent wall put up in the ’70s when panelling was in.  Later it was painted the same red of the rest of the room.  It came down easily, but left some nasty glue behind.


Nicky inspects our work, finding the outlets a-okay.


Hubs made a mock-up of the clock arrangement from the old paneling.


Later we hung the real things.


Next, scraping and spackling.


Then cut holes in the walls for wiring…


…to the basement.


The painting begins…


… and ends.


Finally on January 3, our 8th anniversary, we started the clock again, like we did 8 years ago in our wedding ceremony.  Perfect timing!


Here, Hubs explains to BB why the clock has such a loud tick and another noise each minute and she begins her fascination with the buzzers.


Standard Electric Time Company made this clock system.

The Standard Electric Time Company of Springfield, Massachusetts, made electric time systems for public buildings, private industry, schools and other institutions. The systems consist of a master clock, and secondary (or slave) clocks located in any number of rooms. The slave clocks are electrically controlled by the master clock. – Standard Electric Time Company website

Eventually we will have more of the secondary, or slave clocks, around the house, all connected to and run by this master clock.  I always felt it was the heartbeat of the house, as we can hear it all over.  We’re thrilled to have it running again!


4 Responses

  1. Very cool story. 🙂

  2. You mean you didn’t LIKE the paneling? For the life of me I can’t imagine why? LOL. Nice job and very cool clock.

  3. Lookin’ good!

  4. Hey…. Looks awesome!

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