Why I support All Girls Allowed

I have supported All Girls Allowed (AGA) for some time and posting about it on Facebook. A Facebook friend made a comment expressing concern about supporting a very Christian agency. I admit, I shared the concern, as the first mission for many Christian charities is spreading Christianity, while the other cause is secondary, a vehicle for evangelism. I don’t want to support that because I find it dishonest, even sneaky.  I do, however, want to support ending the One Child Policy and the injustices related to it – gendercide, infant abandonment, child trafficking, forced abortion, loss of family…

Soon after I began giving this thought, I received the book, A Heart for Freedom, by Chai-Ling, an autobiography of the founder of AGA. It was my first opportunity to learn more. I read it, learning Chai-Ling’s history as a student dissident in the Tiananmen Square movement, her escape to the United States, and conversion to Christianity. Knowing many born-again Christians are heavily involved in evangelism,  I wondered, what’s the real goal?  Spreading Christianity or ending the One Child Policy and helping its victims?  Although it wasn’t overtly expressed in the book, I had my suspicions about her motivation for AGA, just based on my knowledge of much missionary work.

I emailed Chai Ling, curious how she would answer my questions on the subject, being careful not to show my perspective, as I didn’t want to bias the response.

Dear  Chai-Ling,

I just finished reading your book, “A Heart for Freedom.”  Thank you for sending it and for offering the invitation to ask you direct questions. 

 I am curious about something, given your personal conversion to Christianity.  Except for asking for prayers, I see no mention of religion or evangelism on your website.  I sense, from your book, that part of your motivation for starting AGA is based upon your faith.  Another part is based upon your own past and understanding of the injustices in China that come from the One Child Policy.  I’m curious, is any part of your desire to help, a desire to spread Christianity in China through your work?  Do you proselytize to the people in China through your work?  Thank you.



Hi Cavatica,

 Thank you for your email and for your questions. I have forwarded this along to Chai Ling.  in answer to your questions, we would love for all people to know Christ, but we do not engage directly in proselytism in China as our primary focus is to rescue girls and mothers from gendercide and the One-Child Policy. However, we are not ashamed to share the Gospel as opportunities arise, as we believe it is the Gospel that gives us the best foundation for equal rights and justice for men and women alike. I hope it is okay for me to add you to our prayer letter and newsletter lists. Blessings and thanks again for reaching out!



I’ve decided to continue my support of All Girls Allowed.  Why?  I believe the One Child Policy is unjust and hurting people all over China.  I do not know of any other group that is directly working to fight the policy and the related injustices.  I believe that AGA’s primary mission is to end the policy and fight the related injustices.  If they speak at times about their religious views, I’m not that concerned.  I trust that they won’t do it at the cost of their mission, as I’m convince their mission is more important to them than converting others to Christianity.  I’m not concerned that the AGA website has a dose of Christianity throughout.  It’s who they are and they believe it has power, so it would be disingenuous if it was not there.  They believe in the power of prayer and are using the Internet to harness that power.  I do believe that their prayer, and that of interested others, does intensify their focus.  So, in the end, I will continue to support AGA allowed when I can and will remain interested in their progress, as I share their primary mission.


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  1. I had never heard of them and it sounds like they are doing amazing work. I feel the same about the foster home where E was raised. How can I fault those who saved my daughter’s life while singing gospel songs to her? I am indebted to them for the work they continue to do to help children with severe medical needs. God is at the heart of their work. For that organization God is at the center of their mission. And wow! What they have done for hundreds and hundreds of kids.Thanks for sharing this.

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