Park Time + random thoughts

Random thoughts from a pitiful blogger:

  • Checkers is a cool game.  Kids can play it, but it’s not a kid game.  I’m a little hooked on playing it on my Kindle.  The parenting challenge… BB is mentally ready for checkers (she’s quite good), but emotionally struggling with the fact that she must get jumped and might sometimes lose.  Many games end early and in tears. When will her emotional maturity catch up to her cognitive maturity for checkers?
  • The random thoughts in my head at night rarely develop into blog posts by day.  I miss that.
  • Last night I started working on the scrapbook part of BB’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  FINALLY!  Everything is organized, I made 4 pages, and ordered a scrap-book HERE.  Maybe BB can have this for Christmas!
  • My Neighbor Totoro is by far my favorite of all of BB’s movies.  I love the story, the pace, the positive portrayal of ghosts.  I do wish BB was more willing to watch it in Mandarin, however.
  • How does a white parent prepare a non white child for living in a world where she won’t have the benefits of white privilege as an adult when she’s benefiting daily from white privilege as a child?  I think this is more difficult than preparing her for overt racism, as it’s more subtle.  Any thoughts?
  • BB is pushing The Hubs’ buttons lately.  He’s handling it well.
  • I ate my first whoopie pie yesterday.  I should have stuck with the assumption that I wouldn’t like them, as I don’t like cream.  However, if I squeeze a lot of the cream out, it’s a yummy cake confection with only a little cream providing moisture.  Hmmmmmm.  I’m ruined.
  • I’m on large doses of Vitamin D for 8 weeks.  Will this decrease my pain and increase my energy?
  • It’s nearly 11:00 and the most productive thing I’ve done is blog, use Facebook (an attention sucker), and eat breakfast.  This post is therefore done.

2 Responses

  1. I so love her smile! And though I try to check in at FB every so often, I’d rather post to my blog so that one day I can print it out for the kidlets. Have a great week!!

  2. LOVE the pictures!
    I’ve also been ordered to take massive amounts of Vit D and I’ve been on it now since June and I’m in less pain. Not long after starting Vit D I had a major fall over the dog- outside, on bricks. I was so sure I’d be broken into a million and 1 pieces but I hardly got a bruise! That was incentive enough to keep up the Vit D.

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