Want to be a tooth fairy?

You might remember my sister, Q.  We met through Big Brothers / Big Sisters in 2000 when she was 9.  In 2005, she was hit by a car and she lost her 3 front teeth.  Imagine losing your 3 front teeth at the age of 15.  Yeah, she didn’t go out of the house until she got dentures, which she’s outgrowing now that she’s 21.  Her insurance covers her other injury issues well, but not teeth.  The auto insurance covered her teeth well until it ran out.  So, here she is, a 21-year-old working girl.  She works in film and at a bookstore. 

Last December we opened a savings account and launched a fundraiser and we’ve done very well.  We even found a dentist who will give his time, ability, and many materials.  Still, there’s a lot we need to come up with. 

Now we are doing a 6-week magazine fundraiser.  Check out our ONLINE MAGAZINE STORE.  The choice is quite good, including several choices for kids, even preschoolers!  I don’t know about your kids, but BB loves getting mail and I think she’s going to love her new magazine subscription!  We will get 40% from every magazine purchased through our store.

Also, please help us spread the word about the fundraiser.  Thanks!


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