She’s buggy

 BB now has a small collection of cicada shells in a jar labeled, “Backyard – 2011.”  If you are a relative, this may sound familiar.  Apparently, it’s a family trait and I suspect we will be needing a section of our basement for the large future collection.  And for anyone who is wondering, this does not come from my side of the family, who is completely normal.  Needing a sarcasm font now.  🙂


3 Responses

  1. I think collecting cicada shells is normal – it was the jar of owl ‘droppings’ that I found odd – let alone completely disgusting!!

    • Well, Dad said he’d build us an owl box to put in one of our trees. Maybe we can get a jar for your very own. I’m sure The Bing would be into it. Here response when I pointed out the first cicada shell on her playset was “Coooool!!!!”

      • No need for a separate jar if you have your own owl box – just leave all the droppings inside & call it a collection!

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