BB spent Saturday and Saturday night with her grandparents and cousins.  She had many firsts, including riding a horse and seeing a calf being born.  Wow!



5 Responses

  1. Yep… I know Pawpaw is right there but always always always riding hard hat! No matter how mellow a horse may seem, they is always one spook left in them!
    You do know that this means it’s now time for me to be buying BB her pony! I had my first when I was 5…… she can start earlier!

  2. She needs to meet Zubin. They are kindred spirits.

  3. how AWESOME IS THIS!!

  4. Very cool and I ditto Phoenix’s comment about where is the helmet. She would have surely commented if she saw a picture of Jammer riding a horse without one. I wish I could find somplace around here to go riding. I do miss it.

  5. So lovely. My eldest adores horses.

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