God’s gamble

 Hubs and I passed a billboard recently which said,

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. ~ God

Jeremiah 1:5


The push was, don’t abort (God knows your baby), use adoption instead.  

It got us to talking.  We just had to wonder, why, if God knew each of us in the womb, would he gamble with our lives?  If he knows and loves us all, wouldn’t he place each of us into the wombs of willing and able future mothers?  By willing, I mean simply wanting to parent.  By able, I mean ready and unencumbered by forces that will not allow them to parent (lack of family support, financial support, government support…).   I mean, really, what is the point of purposely placing an infant in the womb of a woman who will abort?  If God knows all, why wouldn’t He put all children where they are wanted and will be cared for?  Then there would be no abortion.  No need for adoption.  No infertility, except in cases that God deems necessary.  I guess God is willing to gamble with us, but thankfully we have people who place these billboards who are working against God’s gamble. 

Or maybe fetuses are simply placed in the womb by, uh, I’ll say it… sex between a woman and a man.  Sometimes by people who are ready and able to parent and sometimes by people who are not.  Their choices about parenting or not parenting are personal – sometimes positive, sometimes not.  Sometimes their choices are happy, sometimes full of sadness.  But they are personal.  Personally, I believe much of life is a gamble… start to finish.  Maybe if there is a God, He does too.


5 Responses

  1. He knew you’d write that.

    ; )

  2. My mind wanders towards the polytheists- multiple gods standing around a craps table….

  3. ok…this is just my opinion…not necessarily typically christian or anything…..i think what the jeremiah verse means is that we were created…our souls(the essence of who we are)……and we asked God to test us…..to put us on earth to see if we would love Him back…and He knowing that we would fail (the whole Jesus thing) said yes..and He also knowing that if everything is given easily is it really love returned….but to still love Him when it is hard…..that is true love………i don’t think every fetus has a soul…when i gave birth to my son….when he was pushed out i felt something…..like he was not only born in the flesh but in the spirit…….i think God can put a certain soul into a certain set of circumstances…but like you said i think much He lets go to simple biology……….

    i like your questions…it keeps me on my theological toes…..

  4. I found your site specifically looking for atheist/agnostic/secular adoption stories, because there are so many otherwise great blogs where I end up having to skip over every other post because of anti-abortion screeds or excessive Jesus talk. Great for them, but tiring to read for someone like me. I’m not currently fostering or adopting, but I have fallen in love with a gorgeous little girl in the course of working in an orphanage in Tanzania… her name is Zawadi, and I will be doing everything I can to stay in her life and, if at all possible, to make her mine. However, the law is currently arrayed against me in a number of ways, so for now, patience and work with and in the orphanage to make her life (and the lives of all the other kids, whom I adore desperately as well) as happy and healthy as possible. Anyway, just saying it’s a breath of fresh air to hear about nonreligious adoptive parents doing their thang. Your daughter is beautiful, you are very lucky to have each other, as I’m sure you well know and don’t need to be told by me!

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