No rapture for Camping…

 … or any of the rest of us.  The most exciting part of my Harold Camping and his Family Radio obsession is finally here – the aftermath of the non-Rapture.  I watched all last week as the countdown clock at the Family Radio site went down, then I wondered what it would do on Sunday?  -01?  No, it just sat and the site seemed somewhat unstable. I wondered what Camping and his people would be doing on Sunday and early this week.  There was no word on Sunday.  It was as though he had vanished, uh, I mean was hiding. 

Then today, I checked Family Radio and it’s a brand new site!  The site is updated and it’s as though he never made the May 21, 2011 Rapture prediction. If you didn’t know about it you would never guess that it isn’t just any random Christian website. Under “What’s New?” there’s no mention of May 21, as if “We’re still here! Now what do we do?”  isn’t news.  The website is very different from what it was before (see above).  In fact, it looks like a lot of work went into it.  You know, planning for the future.   And, of course you can make a secure donation to Family Radio. 

If you are seriously considering making a donation, please contact me.  A few of us at my office are working on a new messiah (we’re thinking a African-American girl born to a white mom – due any day, people.  Won’t dad be surprised?  It’s okay, though.  It’s a miracle and I think he’ll be delighted!!!)  I’m in charge of marketing.  PayPal isn’t quite ready, hence the need to email me directly.  Oh, any Real Estate agents out there?  I’m hoping to buy an island in a few years and I could use a few tips.  Thanks.


2 Responses

  1. Well, sounds like you discovered what Camping was doing on Sunday – designing a new website. Surely, he didn’t have any other plans 🙂

  2. I think that many of us, along with Camping, were just left out of the loop! See article for absolute PROOF! (Sorry… can’t do that hyperlink thingy!)

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