Kung Fu Panda

I’m really looking forward to what those connected to adoption, besides Angelina Jolie, will think of the movie Kung Fu Panda 2, which will be in theaters on May 25.  Here’s a bit about Jolie:

The actress said the fact that Po discovers he is adopted in the movie meant her three adopted children felt closer to the character.   She also has three biological children.

“I brought my children to see the movie and they absolutely love the movie … and I wondered whether they’d ask me questions about it.

“But because ‘adoption’ and ‘birth mothers’ and ‘orphanage’ and all that in our home these are happy words, they’re used to these discussions and they just felt that much more proud that they were a little more like Po.”  WHOLE ARTICLE HERE

The Hubs and I love the first Kung Fu Panda.  How could we not?  Po is a panda, he loves almond cookies, his father is a simple noodle chef who gives him the secret ingredient to Kung Fu; the secret that even his Kung Fu master doesn’t know.   Love it!  Oh, and then there’s the mysterious, never stated, yet obvious adoption… apparently the topic of Kung Fu Panda 2. 

The Bing has never seen Kung Fu Panda.  She is quite sensitive to fighting, so despite it being a story about a panda, she hasn’t seen it.  Someday… someday.  But,  Tigress, I’m hoping that adoption, birthmothers, and orphanages, or whatever is covered isn’t all happy ladybugs and puppydogs, because someday I’m hoping that BB will see it and that it will make sense.  She is aware that adoption is about loss (other things too).  I’m hoping the movie handles this well and didn’t consult Jolie as an expert on adoption.

3 Responses

  1. We cant wait!

  2. i’m hoping the same. E can’t wait to see 2. she loves the first.

  3. Count me clueless but I haven’t seen the Kung Fu movies…… heck, everything has to be on Netflix for me and I doubt I have looked for “animated” lately.
    I am curious about your phrasing “adoption is about loss”. Is it? There is a ying to every yang. A gain to each loss. A balance in all things. There may not be ladybugs or red threads but there is a karma, for me at least.
    * My dog, 4 cats and myself are all the results of adoption.

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