Games we love

The one above is a Melissa and Doug block balancing game.  Part of what I like about it is its flexibility.  There are at least a dozen different games you can play with it, not counting just building.  BB loves to build.

The one below is MindWare’s Imaginets.  BB is very good at puzzles (doing ones for 5 & 6 year olds now) and this is a great toy for her.  There are picture cards that you copy with the magnets.  She does them very quickly, then embellishes.

She also has Tangoes, Jr., which she isn’t quite in love with right now, but I am.  It has two levels, one is too easy and one is too hard for her, which is why it isn’t so great for her now.  In many ways, the Imaginets fits right into the middle.  I think she might like Tangoes a little better down the road.

As you can see, BB is very visual and enjoys building.  Sometime I should shoot a video of her putting a puzzle together.  It’s amazing to watch her.  I’ve never been good at puzzles and watching her… all I can say is wow.


3 Responses

  1. Lauren loves building with Legos. Does B?

  2. BB seem to be smart girl and very lovely. Does she like to dicover Antwork?

  3. I need to check all of those out for my little smarty pants tykes. thanks for the idea as always.

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