Latest stats

The Bing let me measure her recently.  Here’s how she measures up at 4 years and 1 month:

  • Weight: 34.5 lbs, 43%ile
  • Height: 40 inches, 50%ile

She’s been at the 50%ile for height a long while, but this is an increase for weight.  She does seem to be filling out lately.  What else?

  • She can count to 100 in English, with 1-2 prompts.
  • She can count to 10 in Chinese (has been doing this for over a year).
  • She can put together 60 piece puzzles by herself.
  • She is learning left & right, but is quite puzzled by the mirror image problem.
  • She is learning simple addition & subtraction (thanks to her abacus, Team Umizoomi, day-to-day opportunities).
  • She can identify prime numbers using You Can Count on Monsters, although I’m sure she doesn’t know what a prime number is.
  • She loves her princesses, Celtic Woman, who we recently went to see in concert!  She did great for the 2-hour concert, probably the youngest there.  Afterwards, she showed us shortcuts on her globe from China to our house to Ireland.  Sweet!
  • She can sing many songs in Chinese, knows what they are about, and tells me which I am also able to sing (not too many).

There are probably many more things to say and if you know The Bing, feel free to add.


2 Responses

  1. She is in the 99% in ability to make people smile with pure delight and happiness.

  2. Smart little cookie you’ve got there, but I’m sure you know that already.

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