At nap time we had a little talk:

Mom: Daddy and I are so lucky. 

BB: (questioning look)

Me: We got to adopt you.

BB: Did anyone else adopt me?

Me: No.  When we adopted you, we became your mom and dad.  We got lucky then.

BB: (Reached out to hold my hand)  I’ll live here forever… until I die.

Then at bedtime:

Me: I’m so lucky I get to be your mommy.

BB: I came out of your tummy.

Me: (Surprised… she’s never said anything like this before)  No, that’s kind of what it means to be adopted, that you didn’t come out of my tummy.  You came out of your China mom’s tummy.  I’m the lucky one.  I get to have you live with me.  She didn’t.

BB  quickly moved onto another topic, showing her sometimes frustrating, sometimes delightful 4-year-old attention span.   Frustrating this time, as I was curious what she thought about this.  I must have the patience of… a mother.


One Response

  1. Wow. I haven’t heard any comments like that here. Yet. I’m sure my time is coming.

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