Panda Privileges

We are travelling down the path of the token economy with Bing Bing and it is good.  We decided awhile back to give something like this a try and Hubs made these little cards on the computer and laminated them.  BB thinks they are awesome!  She earns them for good behavior (getting dressed, teeth and hair brushed quickly on school days, through transitions without fussing, etc.), cleaning up after herself, feeding the cats, helping with various other chores as assigned.  She can spend them on TV time and candy and I’m sure other things will come up.  Currently, she likes to save them (in fact, we had to make more because 7 was not going to be enough for our little saver!).  I’ve taken to carrying them in my purse, so she can get them when we’re out.  She also pays fines with them for tantrums — oh, the agony, even when she has a savings. 

They are powerful, they are good, and a school teacher friend tells me this system will well-equip her for elementary school.  We were just looking for some tool to move into this next phase of Bingedness and this seems to work pretty well.  It’s interesting, as she’s less obsessed with TV now that she buys it.  It seems she has more control over it.  I didn’t expect her to choose not to watch as often as she does, even when she has plenty of Panda Privilages in savings.  Yes, it’s interesting to watch The Bing handle “money.”


8 Responses

  1. Interesting idea. I wouldn’t have thought of that. I’m going to talk with C ans see if he thinks we should try something similar.

  2. Brilliant! I’m continually impressed with your creativity & willingness to try new things in the parenthood journey. I love how clear & consistent you strive to be with the beautiful Bing!

  3. I love, love, love this! Great idea! I’ve been looking for a similar type of thing for my son – he’s had a tough time since the adoption of his sister and I want to reward his good behavior with incentives. Any way you’d be willing to share the document?

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  4. Oh – sorry! One more question – how many privileges points to you give for say TV and for how long – obviously I wouldn’t want to make it too many as the reward seems too distant.


    • At this point, everything is just one Panda Privilege (both using and earning). We’ll probably more “tiers” as she gets older.

      The original intent was that one Panda Privilege bought one show, but it usually works out that the Bing gets to watch several shows once the TV gets turned on. It doesn’t seem to impact the value of the Panda Privileges right now.

      The nice thing about using the Panda Privileges is that they combine immediate and delayed gratification. BingBing really enjoys getting them (immediate) but also know that she can use them get something she likes at a later time. It’s a real motivation for her if she wants something but doesn’t have any PPs to buy it. Add in the fact that she loves seeing how many she can get and it has worked out better than we had hoped. They haven’t solved everything of course, but they are turning into another effective tool for us.

  5. Fantastic parenting – you and Hubs are amazing!

    I’ve been learning similar reward strategies for some of the kids in my Adapted Skating class. Can’t wait to compare notes!

  6. Well, you know my panda obsessed self is loving this. Charts/ systems such as this don’t tend to work well with the Tongginator, but I am filing this away for our next child. Definitely.

  7. Delayed gratification….. I can see how this would work for a global economy. Too bad it has never been tried before with adults…. they ought to be able to handle it almost as well as a very brilliant almost 4 year old!

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