Recent Bingisms… spring begins Feb 8

My birthday was last week and BB’s is 4 weeks after mine, so there’s been a lot of birthday talk.  Not long before my birthday, BB said to me:

BB: Mommy, are you excited about turning 45?

Me: Ummm… it’s not as much fun as turning 4.

BB had been learning all about Groundhog’s Day this week and on February 2, she informed me that the groundhog said that “spring will be coming in 6 sleeps.”  I’m quite delighted to announce to you, that according to BB’s interpretation of the groundhog legend, that spring will be here on February 8.  Woo hoo!


2 Responses

  1. That would mean tomorrow! Whoo Hoo! I like that girl’s thinking. A lot. Now I just wish it were true.

  2. ARGH! I forget your birthday every year! And though BingBing shares her birthday with my Gus these facts are just not sticking with me of late…… and I’m definitely NOT 45 yet!

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