My tooth fairy dream

I had the wonderful luxury of sleeping in the morning and I had a dream.  A bunch of women came to my house.  They were quite elderly and a bit decrepit, some white, some black, some walking, some in wheelchairs.  At first I thought they were a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I was feeling social and decided to chat.  But no, they were collecting money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  I listened to their spiel and then told them I met my sister, Quin, through BB/BS and I told them I was working on a fundraiser for her, but I wouldn’t ask them for money because they came to me, not me to them.  Maybe later I’d knock on their doors and ask them.  Then I gave them a bit of money, but I did tell them about Quin’s fundraiser and how she lost her three front teeth when she was hit by a car when she was fifteen.  I said I thought it would be really hard to be missing so many teeth so young and that I really wanted her to have permanent teeth.  One lady grinned and started to take out a few of her front teeth!  We laughed and she said, she understood about this.  I told the women how cool Quin is.  How she provides a public service when she sees little kids doing stupid stuff on bikes or roller blades and generally acting like they are invincible.  She takes out her teeth and says, “this could happen to you!”  They run away in shock and are hopefully much more careful.  So, on their way out, these lovely ladies each gave me some money, becoming Quin’s Tooth Fairies.  Each gave what they could, some just tossing me some change, that landed on the rug. They were sweet, they were lovely, and oh so giving.

I think Quin’s fundraiser was on my mind because last night at a Chinese New Year party, a woman approached me and gave a donation – someone who has never met Quin.  Then I came home to make a transfer to Quin’s implant fund (I love to see the money adding up – over $600.00 with a big fundraising event coming in February) and noticed there was two other donations in her PayPal account.  Things have been slow and I hadn’t checked in a while.  I continue to be astonished by the generosity of people who have never met Quin and sometimes have never met either of us.  Wow.  The world is a good place.  Thank you to each and every one of Quin’s Tooth Fairies!  You mean so much to us.

If you want to be a Tooth Fairy too, you can leave a comment here or email me through the blog.  No donation is too small.


2 Responses

  1. What fund raiser do you ahve planned for February?

  2. Interesting dream indeed. And yes please tell us about the fundraiser coning up. I may be able to help.

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