Helping girls matter worldwide

I’ve been too busy to write anything of substance – I have this silly thing called a job that gets in the way of my blogging, you see.  But, I did want to tell you about a few websites that I really like, as I like their messages and what they are trying to do.

The Girl Effect – If you have read Nicholas Kristof’s Half the Sky, you’ll really get the idea of The Girl Effect, which is that providing education to young girls can change the future, ending poverty and reducing disease, for women and men, girls and boys in developing countries.

All Girls Allowed – This one really speaks to me as the mother of a daughter from China who often thinks about the families of the lost Chinese children adopted all over the world.  We have gained so much, but the loss to China and their people… it’s too much and it’s so wrong on such a systematic level.  This is one organization trying to do something about it by exposing the injustices of China’s One Child Policy and helping women and families keep their girls.


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