Bert’s Get Well Card

How many of you send get well cards to your cars?  For those of you who don’t know me on Facebook (and Hubs, you don’t count, as you know me in real life and sadly are following this story very intimately), Bert is in the shop.  He’s been in the shop since mid-December when his clutch went out.  And no, there is no evidence that this is about my driving, thank you very much.  But it seems that flywheels, whatever they are, often must be replaced when clutches do, and they are back-ordered from Germany until mid… cough, gag, sputter… JANUARY!!!  So, we are sadly Bertless.  He is sick. 

When he left me sit on the side of the road, several weeks ago, Hubs and Bing-Bing came to rescue us and we were all up way past our bedtimes on a weeknight.  BB was fascinated and saddened by the whole affair and continues to talk about it daily, reassuring me that she knows I’m sad that Bert is sick, that Bert is sad about being sick, that we all miss him, and he will be back.  So, I felt it best that we send him a card.  We didn’t have anything appropriate for a Mini Cooper, so I made this.  I’m not sure what the BMW shop will think of it, complete with BB’s signature, but I do hope they’ll deliver it to him on the shop floor.  We do love and miss our Bert.  😦


3 Responses

  1. Oh, BB is adorable. So, SO adorable. I love this. And I hope Bert fully recovers and has excellent health throughout 2011. Happy New Year!

    I saw a mini cooper on the road by my new place yesterday… the license plate was “Mnidrvr”!

  3. So cute and sad at the same time. I hope Bert is back home where he belongs really soon.

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