Celtic Woman’s littlest fan

I wrote to Celtic Woman last week to tell them about BB, who may just be their littlest fan.  When she first saw their PBS performance about a year ago, she was riveted – and this from a child who had previously only watched the typical preschool fare.  She began asking to watch the “princesses,” which is delightful, as every other 3-year-old is entranced by the Disney princesses.  Not our girl – she wants Chloe, Lisa, Alex, Lynn, and Máiréad.  We’ve often said, wouldn’t it be awesome to take her to see them live?  Well, in March we are going, which finally inspired me to write, using the contact link on their website.  We got a short, but personal reply on Christmas Day from the man who manages the site:

Thank you for your e mail and greetings from Ireland on a snow covered Dublin on Christmas Day morning.

You do not mention your daughter’s name, but I hope you all have a wonderful time at the concert. Celtic Woman music appeals to a very wide and varied audience.

 I hope  Santa arrived!

and a link to this Christmas video.

Once again, BB was enthralled, with new, yet typical questions.

  • Why are they wearing black dresses? (in the concert we have they are wearing white)
  • Why is she singing alone?  (that’s a solo)

Finally, I have an important question to you my faithful readers… how do we coach her to keep from asking these fabulous, but rather noisy questions at the actual concert?  How do we teach a then 4-year-old the etiquette involved in attending such a fancy concert?  We’ve never even taken her to a movie!  Could it be we are idiots?  No, I think this is brilliant, but she needs some serious coaching or those sitting near us will hate us – possibly throw us from the balcony.  The cute, littlest fan can also be a little noisy in her lively curiosity.  She doesn’t know how to keep her thoughts in her head.


5 Responses

  1. I don’t know what to tell you, but – when you find out – let me know. When we took our Tongginator to her first “real” performance, she shouted and signed “more! more!” every time they paused. Thankfully, the audience was patient and amused with it all.

  2. Try going to a matinee. BingBing is smart. When she makes a peep take her out to the hall and wait a feew minutes. Then go back. Another peep… another trip to the hall. I know she’ll be quiet after that! Hey… it works for the dog!

  3. Start going to a movie. Seriously. She will have fun. I like the ladies. I do not like their clothes. But boy, I can see who they appeal to.

  4. A reply, how cool is that!
    B and I like “the princesses” too. As for the Bing’s deportment at the concert – she will be a bit older by then. Taking her to a matinee first is a great idea.

  5. C and I love the Celtic Women too and hope to see them in person at some point. I think the movie idea is a great one. I can’t wait to read how the real concert goes.

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