First Christmas

Christmas has begun at The House of Bing.  Yesterday was busy with cookie baking and decorating.  BB and Hubs baked, mommy was in charge of icing, BB in charge of sprinkles.

Then we went to Hubs’ family to celebrate First Christmas.  BB had a great time with presents, sweets, and cousins.

A day later, BB is enjoying her gifts.  Dr. Bing got her first medical kit (I felt she needed one, as she’s been fixing my ills with a hammer – eek!).  She was looking in my ears, and to my surprise, discovered a baby panda!  Baby-panda was sad, because it missed its mommy.  Happily, she found the mommy panda in my other ear and with a bit of medical technology was able to unite baby and mommy into one ear.  Thank goodness for modern medicine!  She also loves a new puzzle (not pictured, but she was singing the entire time she put it together) and new magnetic dolls.

Second Christmas comes December 25 and Third Christmas on January 8.  It is a busy time!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


3 Responses

  1. I can attest – those cookies were delicious! Glad to see that the dr kit was a hit – wouldn’t want baby-panda to spend Christmas away from it’s mommy!!

  2. Any chance any of those cookies were gluten free? I think pandas are especially fond of gluten free cookies!

  3. The cookies look really yummy. And those magnetic dress up dolls are at home here too. They are really great.

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