All she wants for Christmas is her 3 front teeth

It’s been quiet here on Cavatica’s Web, but I have been blogging and busy on the Internet.  However, our immediate family of three hasn’t been the focus.  My sister, Quin, has.  Quin has been my sister since 2000, when she was 9-years-old, when we were matched through Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  She’s 20 now and she has a special Christmas wish.  It won’t happen for her this year… maybe not next.  But we know it won’t happen if we don’t start working on it. 

You see, when Quin was 15, she was it by a car.  Her injuries were to her face and head – a serious concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) and she lost three front teeth.  Many of her medical expenses were covered by the auto insurance of the woman who hit her, but this ended when she was 18.  She was unable to get permanent dental implants then because her head and face were still growing.   Instead she received a temporary denture.  It looks great, but it’s temporary and she’s outgrowing it. 

A few weeks ago, Quin and I started a fund and are saving for her to get permanent implants.  We are asking others to donate to her fund – as much or as little as you can is so much appreciated!  We’re hoping to raise $5,500.  How long that will take, we don’t know, but we do know it won’t happen if we don’t work at it.  Since beginning the campaign on Facebook about 2 weeks ago, we’ve raised over $400-!  Really.  Friends, family, and even total strangers have given to Quin’s teeth fund, becoming Tooth Fairies.  You can be a Tooth Fairy, too, by clicking and giving directly HERE.  You can also check out our blog about this fundraiser, including a video by Quin, explaining her need for teeth.  Check it all out… pass the word along… and thanks, so much!


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  1. I found this as a possible source of funding, but it looks like it’s aimed at younger kids. It says they will make exceptions for up to age 21 if she is under the care of a pediatrician. Might be worth checking out!

    First Hand Foundation
    Contact: Mary Nelson
    Title: Foundation Case Manager
    Address: 2800 Rockcreek Pkwy.
    Kansas City, MO 64117-2551
    County: Out of state
    Phone: (816) 201-1569

    In 1995, Cerner Corporation and its’ associates founded the First Hand Foundation as Cerner’s way of giving back to the communities it serves. The charitable focus of First Hand is pediatric healthcare, a natural extension of Cerner Corporation’s values and presence as a leader in the healthcare industry. First Hand’s mission is to directly impact the health status of a young life.
    Program Description
    First Hand assists individual children who have clinically relevant, health-related needs and no financial net to cover these expenses. The foundation strives to provide assistance that creates independence, rather than dependence, for its recipients. Additionally, the foundation implores doctors, hospitals, and equipment providers to cooperate with the foundation and its mission by discounting their services below listed prices. Types of expenses covered: treatment, equipment, displacement (expenses associated with travel). Applications accepted for an individual age 18 or under (18-21 may be considered if the child is still under the care of a pediatrician). Funding is only considered in the proactive stage, not for debt reduction of any medical expenses already incurred.

  2. Or I wonder if you could contact a local dental school to see if they could help?

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