Three years a family!

On November 18, 2007, we all met for the first time in a hotel room in Chongqing City, China.  I know that day was rather frightening for BB, but the years since have been quite delightful and she says she’s happy to have us. Today we celebrated by getting as close to China as we can manage, by going to the closest Chinatown.  BB loves this, as we take the train and this year she really seemed to like wandering around the streets and shops.  We had a wonderful Chinese lunch, Peking duck and other lovelies, and spent the day shopping for a new wok, bowls (BB has been wanting small Chinese bowls), soup spoons, books, and DVDs… and candy.  Can’t forget the candy.  BB didn’t.  When she wanted more, we indulged, and she showed me the way back to the right grocery store, down the aisle, right to it.  Good stuff.  It was a good day, with a nap for all on the train home.  Looking forward to year four!


4 Responses

  1. Happy belated Gotchaversary!!!!

  2. Happy Family Day Anniversary.

    How about you reminding me ahead of time and maybe we can meet you there? My little ones would love the train ride.

  3. what a wonderful way to celebrate 3 years together :o)

  4. dude that was supposed to be a smiley 🙂

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