Happy Halloween, BB Style

Quite belated, you see… our ever independent Bing wanted nothing to do with a costume for weeks prior to Halloween.  Believe me, we were not negligent parents.  I asked for weeks in advance what she wanted to dress up as, but all I heard was nothing.  You see, the ever independent Bing does not dress up.  She has an avid imagination and often pretends to be a frog (she has an amazing hop!), a dinosaur (she is scary… but not too scary when she sees I’m terrified), a lion, a tiger, a …   Often Mommy and Daddy are roped into the fun as Mommy-Frog or Daddy-Lion to go with whatever she is.  But when it comes right down to it, we’ll ask her what she is and she insists, “I’m Bing-Bing.” And so it is.  No costumes for her, just like last year when she donned Halloween pajamas and handed out treats from the house. 

But suddenly, the week after Halloween, she announced she was going to put on the dress!  The wedding dress, I wondered, but no, it was this sparkly, fairy princess dress that she has mostly refused to wear, as charming as it is on her.  She put it on, in all her glory and announced she would be wearing this for Halloween!  So, we got her a bucket (see we were prepared!) and gave her a piece of candy and our girl, ever independent, went trick-or-treating, a week late, dressed up as the cutest fairy princess ever… in our house!


2 Responses

  1. Bing~Bing is special!

  2. Better late than never I guess.

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