How big???

We talk about age and how BB is growing often in the House of Bing, as these are very important subjects to her.  Imagine my surprise when she informed me that she won’t be able to have a Mini Cooper when she is old enough to have a driver’s licence (I tell her she can’t drive or touch the stick shift in my Mini until she has a driver’s licence).  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  What color car do you want when you can have your own car?

BB: Pink and purple!

Me: That will be nice.

BB: I won’t have a Mini Cooper.

Me: Oh no?  What are you going to have?

BB: A truck.  Mini Coopers are too small.  I’m growing!

Me: That’s true, but Mommy and Daddy fit in the Mini Cooper.

BB: You stopped growing.  I’m still growing.

We’ve talked this through at length and every time we get to her understanding that she’ll probably grow to be a similar size as most adults – about the same as Mommy or Daddy, more or less.  She seems to get it, but then comes back to the fact that we have stopped growing, so we fit in the Mini (many of these conversations take place there), but she is still growing, so she won’t when she stops growing.  Yeah, she’s going to need a truck!  Ah, 3-year-old logic.  Gotta love it.  In my sudden concern that we might be raising The Hulk, I remembered that if you double a child’s height at age 2 you can get their approximate adult height.  She was 33 2/3 inches tall at 2, so I predict an adult BB of about 5 feet 7 inches – a statistically, normal sized woman.  I think she can have a Mini Cooper if she wants one.  Or a truck.


2 Responses

  1. Adorable!!

  2. Choices either way. And I’ve never heard of that height thing. I will have to check on what Jammer was at 2 and make sure I make note when Sunshine turns 2.

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