The wedding

The beautiful wedding has come and gone.  The bride was lovely, the groom handsome, the ceremony wonderful, and the flower girls… oh, the flower girls!  They were great!!!  BB rose heartily to the occasion, arriving in everyday apparel, but upon seeing the other three flower girls in their dresses immediately wanted to be in her “wedding dress” too!  The wedding was in a courtyard park, so there was plenty of room for running around in advance and time to get comfortable.  Time to run, hop like a frog (yes, in a wedding dress), and investigate.  When the wedding was about to begin, BB suddenly ran to us (in a panic it seemed), as she had left something very important in the car!  It seems that moments before she was to walk down the aisle, spreading her flower petals before the bride she suddenly recalled she needed to have her… uh beans?  She had picked some dried beans from our yard just before leaving the house and they were in our car.  Apparently she had big plans for those beans and it took a little persuading to get her back on track with the other girls and her job of scattering flower petals  down the aisle.  I really wonder what exactly she had in mind for those beans.  Scatter them before the bride, perhaps?  She never would say.  Anyway, from there on out, she managed mostly without a hitch.  I say mostly, because there was this chocolate that she mildly overdosed on, creating a temporary case of ADD.  But she was lovely. 

And the bride too, The Hubs’ sister.  She has often told The Hubs and I that she liked our wedding because it was “us,” so when hers was coming up, I wondered what hers would be like, suspecting it would be very “them,” not cookie cutter.  However, I wasn’t sure what that would be.  I should have known – baseball and their religion sprinkled faithfully throughout, reflecting them, their love and their loves.  Yeah, them.  My favorite message of the ceremony was that love isn’t an emotion, but a decision.  The emotional part comes and goes, so it can’t be depended upon.  But a decision, can be.  Hubs and I have always looked at our love that way.  In fact, I look at much of my life as a choice (more on that another time). 

In the evening, BB and I talked about weddings and marriage and who is married to whom  in our family and why.  Coming to an understanding that it’s all about love, she said she wants to marry me.  I gave her a big hug and told her that someday when she’s older she might want to marry someone her own age, but she can still love me as much as she does now (and I’ll still love her).  I explained that there is always enough love for more when she’s ready to give it.

One day I’ll have some wedding pictures to share.  Congratulations to the bride and groom.  I wish you many good decisions for one another, bringing you a life of happiness and joy – at baseball parks and other spiritual places.

2 Responses

  1. Yay BB and congratulations to the bride and groom!
    If I ever do hitch up I want a very private personal wedding but I definitely hope my favorite niece will still be available for my wedding. I’m thinking I may need some magic beans for a wedding to actually happen for me!

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