First homework assignment

Last week, BB received her first homework assignment.  She was sent home with this bag – a “Show and Spell” bag.  Her assignment?  Find three things around the house that begin with the letter “A”.

She began with acorns and was hoping, I’m sure, to fill the bag with them and be done with it.  Certainly, she found more than three!

But, I was a little tough and insisted she find three different things – and not three different acorns.  So, she reluctantly came in the house and allowed me to help her find an Alligator, an Animal (Ge Ge Panda), and a stomach Ache.  Not sure she’ll remember the Ache, but there you have it.  The acorns are at the bottom.

BB’s first school assignment.  She’s 3 1/2-years-old  What’s next, Algebra?

2 Responses

  1. Noah did this last year, and he got the letter A as well. I think he did airplane, astronaut, and apple.

  2. Very cute. Jammer has a letter of the week show and tell every Thursday. It is interesting to try to sometimes come up with an idea other than the obvious ones.

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