Monkey Joe’s!

While visiting family for the holiday weekend, the oldest cousin mentioned a mysterious and lovely sounding place called Monkey Joes.  I slipped away to talk to her mom, saying, “um, so what’s Monkey Joe’s?” and after hearing about it, “can we go, can we go, can we go?!”

And the next day, we went!  What a great place.  Clean, secure, food available… a great place for a play date.  The kids could run free in a very large area,  just knowing where we were stationed.  For parents, there was TV (although impossible to hear), Wi-Fi, magazines, comfy chairs (could be more), a few massage chairs, and a decent snack bar.  All for $8.00 (weekdays)-$10.00 (weekends & holiday) / per kid until they run out of energy (no hour limit). 

I got a bang out of these signs on all the equipment.  The place really was very clean.

Woo hoo!


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  1. So… when can WE go? You know those signs appeal to me!

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