Visit to my brother

We went to visit my brother, to see his new house, which he’s been renovating, and gallivant around town.  Our mom came along and we had a busy, busy day!

We went to an awesome children’s museum.  BB loved the water room, especially this bubble contraption.

She did this over and over, learning about bubbles, pulleys, and turn-taking.

She loved controlling the water above and generally getting soaked!

Luckily, we brought a change of clothes for the small, soaked one.

My bro with a flower given by BB.  Behind him is the 3-story “tree house” that we all climbed through.  Even my mom (in her 80s) ventured in.  Not too soon before this picture was taken, BB and Bro were inside that tube behind his head.

We went to the waterfront for supper before catching a bus back to Bro’s house.  BB was quite taken with this fish.

She also enjoyed a brief serenade from this street musician who played “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for her.  Then we chatted about his trips to China and Japan where he said he met musicians who could sing B.B. King, but couldn’t speak English.

Then we caught our bus back to Bro’s house.  BB insisted on “standing” (Daddy’s actually holding her), as she wanted to hang onto the bar.

It was a busy and fun-filled day for all.


3 Responses

  1. looks like tons of fun. E would have gone crazy in that museum- she loves manipulating her physical world. and she’s a bubble fanatic.

  2. That does look like a grand day. I really like the new staircase in bro’s house. And where in the world is that children’s museum. We just might have to venture there ourselves.

  3. Great fun! That bubble thing looks very cool 🙂

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