Danger! Smashing peas

BB didn’t really want to eat her peas tonight.  It isn’t really that she hates peas (it’s the potatoes that she was really against), but she was tired of eating and wanted to leave the table.  She informed me, after eating one pea, that she couldn’t eat another, as they would smash into each other and hurt in her belly.  OMG, the danger involved.  Clearly, we were all concerned.  She asked if I’d call the doctor.  It went like this:

Me: The Elizabeth Doctor or another doctor?

Daddy: You know, the “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” doctor?

BB: The Elizabeth Doctor.

Me: (Picked up the phone).  Dr. Elizabeth?  Yes, she’s eating peas.  Yes, it’s very dangerous.  They are smashing in her tummy.  What do we do?  Okay.  BB, don’t eat anymore!

BB: (Giggles and downs another).

Me: No!  She ate another.  They are banging into each other IN HER BELLY.  It’s very noisy.  Wait, I can hardly hear you.  No, I promise, she won’t eat anymore.

BB: (Grabs another and down it goes) I ate it!

Me: This is getting very serious.  How many?  The most you’ve heard of a child eating is 10?  Seriously.  No, she would never do that.  No, she wouldn’t.

BB: I might (eats a pea, giggling all the while).

Me: I’m very concerned.  I told her not to eat anymore peas, but she is.  Yes, she’s very disobedient.  I AM afraid.  I know it’s very dangerous.  I’ll call you back.  BB, please DON’T EAT ANYMORE PEAS!

She downed a full serving of peas (quite a few more than 10) at a record rate and I’m beginning to wonder about how full she really was?


3 Responses

  1. Too cute!

    Hope you’re feeling better. I’m finishing up antibiotics for a killer sore throat so I’ll join you in praising modern medicine when you’re good as new!

  2. Cute!

  3. Brillant. I may have to try this trick around here.

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