Freezing corn

The announcement was made throughout the family, “the corn is ready to freeze.” So, on Saturday we gathered ’round the homestead and shucked,





 and packaged corn.

We examined the beauty around us.


A few went for a tractor ride, that from the sounds of it (the squeals told me), rivaled any amusement park ride!

Some just generally fooled around.

Oh,  slightly off topic, but does anyone want to buy a boat?

One Response

  1. Mmmmmm the corn.
    I’ve been putting away my fair share of corn on the cob this year. It wasn’t so popular where I used to live so I have a few years to make up for!

    I’ll take the boat if is comes with a certain giggle monster! It’s almost a year since we were all on a boat together. The time flew!

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