Passing the buck…

… to Dr. Elizabeth.  Here’s the story.  This evening BB and I were playing and I really wanted to cut her fingernails, which is not her favorite activity (surprise, surprise), but they were looooooong and hazardous.  She was playing with her cell phone (not activated) and I had a brilliant (as it turned out) idea.  I made a quick phone call in front of BB, using her phone.  It went something like this:

Yes, she has been acting very nicely this evening.  Thanks for asking.  Candy?  Do you really think it would be okay to give her a piece of candy if she lets me cut her nails?  Only if you say so.  Okay.  Thanks.

Then I put the phone down and walked away.  Pretty soon she was asking me to cut her fingernails.  Yes, asking me.  Heh.  Well, we didn’t get very far, because The Bing has the attention span of a 3-year-old and the activity went off in other directions, but I had that handy phone and I made a quick call.

No, we didn’t finish the fingernails.  It’s okay.  I don’t think she wants any candy.  Thanks for checking in.

In a bit, she was bringing up those fingernails.  Again a distraction.  She said I hurt her with the clippers and she had to go to the freezer for her “fishy ice” to cure the serious injury (this occurs every time I cut her nails, although there is never a visible injury).  Then ring ring!

I promise, I didn’t give her any candy.  I understand the rules.  No, I won’t.  Goodbye.

This was getting a bit lengthy.  Nail cutting can go more quickly, but I was kind of enjoying the process (and imagining the power of the lady on the phone) when I decided to detour into some of my personal agenda – the laundry.  BB helped me in the basement, then with making a bed, and folding clothes.  Nice.  Suddenly, ring ring.

No, I didn’t give her any candy and I promise I won’t unless we finish those nails.  You must understand that I won’t break the rules!

BB gets in on the calls:

BB: I’ve been listening.  I would like some candy.  Goodbye.

Me: May I talk to her? (BB gives me the phone).  Yes, she has been listening, but I’m not sure she wants candy.  That’s up to her.  Please don’t pressure us about it.  I don’t know.  Thanks.

Nails are done, lickety-split.  We call the lady back.

Me: She finished.  Are you sure she can have one piece of candy?  Really, it’s okay?  I don’t want to break any rules.  Okay, and then she must brush her teeth?  I’ll tell her.  Yes, I understand.  BB, do you understand?

BB:  I understand I have to brush my teeth, eat my candy and go to bed!

Me:  I think she gets it – one piece of candy, the brush teeth, then to bed!  No, she wouldn’t possibly yell and scream or act like a troll.  No!  She wouldn’t even think of it.  Of course not.  Okay, thanks so much.  We’ll talk to you later.  Bye.

Now a little chat with BB:

Me: What do you think her name is?

BB: Uh… Doctor……. ummm.  Elizabeth.  Ummm…. Elizabeth Doctor. 

Me: How about Doctor Elizabeth?

BB: Yeah.

I like Dr. Elizabeth and will be keeping a phone handy.


7 Responses

  1. BRILLIANT and Adorable!!!!

  2. oh. you are gooood. very good. thankfully Elle doesn’t mind the clipping but this really gives me an idea for the future (and it should make her giggle too).

  3. Adorable! I am more fearful of cutting her little finger than she is. We file and then make fun of having a “manicure” at the kitchen table. Dr. Elizabeth is cute

  4. Nails are not an issue here. But we sure could use a Dr. E for Bedtime & naptime…..

  5. I could certainly use that doctors number. Especially lately at bedtime. Jammer has been especially difficult about that lately.

  6. BB asked me to call Dr. E this morning. Just to check in. I’m lovin’ this woman. What’s great is that BB really does know that this is make-believe, but I can let her know what’s coming up and what’s expected, but it’s a little less pressure. When she was younger she had some terrible, whopper, long tantrums and sometimes I would talk to the cat about them and it would calm BB (the cat too, as they made him nervous). But it was nice for her to hear me say (to someone else) that she was safe and would be okay soon. It’s the power of the outsider.

  7. Now that’s just good parenting!!! 🙂

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