We spent the weekend with family at a KOA campground that was a kids’ paradise. 

BB spent as much time as she could in the pool.  I got her this Puddle Jumper PFD and she could be very independent in the pool and she loved it!  Once she realized what she could do in the water, she had no qualms about wearing it.

She went up and down the slide over and over again…

… very quickly, as she was so little, speeding faster than anyone else.

We stayed in this little cabin, which fascinated BB.  Before we left for the weekend, she had endless questions about our little “cabin house.”

Her favorite part of the weekend?  Sleeping.  Yes, sleeping in that lovely loft up that ladder.  Mommy didn’t sleep so well knowing she was up there, but she did just great, not coming down without hollering for help.  Somehow I became my mother (and her mother before her) and worried about it every night.  All I can say is that I can’t even fathom how dizzy my poor granny must have gotten when I climbed to the top of my aunt and uncle’s giant tree in their backyard every single time we had a family picnic.  I fear I’ll be finding out in a few years.  Sorry Granny.

Leaving was the hardest part, but she was happy to get home.  We do have to get the little fish to the pool more often, though.


4 Responses

  1. what a BLAST.

  2. hey, we camped last weekend too! we were at Gifford Pinchot State Park which is about 40 mins from us and is awesome. KOA looks great too!

  3. That does look like a great time. And as ususal, I’m going to have to check out your newest kid item. Jammer probaboly could use a new PFD since he has grown so much lately.

  4. Wow… that looks like so much fun!

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