I’ve noticed something about many who are non-Christian.  Some claim to be non-religious, but in fact are quite spiritual, perhaps even religious.  Recently, I was looking at a really nifty stepping stone that I thought might make a nice marker for Aleca’s grave site, as it had a nice cat on it, but I told my friend I didn’t want it because it also had a religious symbol on it – a pentacle.  She said she didn’t feel negative connotations toward it because Wiccans worship nature.  Although I don’t know much about Wiccans, I acknowledged this may be true, but I don’t worship nature, so using the symbol would misrepresent me.  I find that many people who aren’t Christian find it odd when I don’t easily embrace non-mainstream religious beliefs.  I find all religions equally valid… or not.  If there is a god, I imagine each religion is a valid path to “him.”   However, I don’t believe in god – any god.  And I don’t worship the earth or anything human-made or cat-made or coffee (well, um there’s this small ceremony that I,… but… um… I’m not saying anymore about that).  I know, it’s weird.  That I don’t worship, I mean.  Aren’t people funky, no matter what we believe?


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  1. I don’t find you odd at all for not worshipping, I am the same. As you mentioned, those who worship (regardless of religion) are equally sharing in the act of worship for right or wrong. What I find odd are those who are religious and believe only their religion is correct or who find fault in other people’s religious beliefs–they are all doing the same thing for the same internal purpose.

  2. I took the plaque that marked the grave of my 2 cats buried back in Maine.
    “No farewell words were spoken. No time to say “goodbye”. You were gone before we knew it…… only God knows why.”
    Yeah……. the last line isn’t me but it was the marker….. the only way I felt I could say bye. For me, it’s the sentiment… the desire to have had more time to love them.
    I think I rally against the beliefs I was brought up with because of the severity of them and relish my new beliefs because they are more in line with what I choose to embrace but I detest that people needing to know exactly what are my alliances.
    A “friend” moved last week. I’ll probably never see him again so I can say this. He belonged to a very ancient eastern religion which I feel really restricts people in this life. And his beliefs were one thing but his beliefs that he alone was superior to others because of birthright make me sick to death.
    Of all “man made things” I think nothing seperates us more than religion.

  3. There is nothing at all wrong with you believing or not believing in anything you want. As long as you continue to believe in the all mighty wonderfulness of good coffee.

  4. well, there’s “worship’ and then i guess for me, there’s ‘reverence’. i do believe in god, and i have tremendous reverence for this planet, this world, this universe. i don’t get too caught up in all the “symbols”… or put to much weight into them. they are transient.

    it’s sad that phoenix is right- that the one thing that shouldn’t divide us actually puts walls between us (at least, that’s how it “looks”).

    have you seen One Peace At A Time? (documentary). It has some religious overtones (at least in the part on a particular orphanage in India), but otherwise is broad and seriously compelling. I want to see his other documentary now.

    And if you haven’t seen Baraka- just. DO IT. just do it. before anything else :O)

    • No I haven’t seen One Peace at a Time and I’m looking at Baraka online and the images have grabbed me. May have to check that out, but I might do a few things first. 🙂

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