Beating the heat

It’s been hot as blazes around these parts, so after work/school yesterday, BB and I met my sister Q and went to a fountain in the city to play.  Very happily, Q’s friend C showed up with his camera.  I’ve been admiring his photography for awhile on Facebook, and asked him if he’d take some candid pictures of The Bing!  It was so nice, as she was able to forget about him and his camera, which she can never do with me – “stop taking pictures, Mommy!!!” is all I hear.  We had a wonderful time and I love these pictures!

5 Responses

  1. i know this park! yikes, we are in the same city! cool!

  2. Cute pictures.

    It’s day like these (30+ C) that I’m so so grateful my house’s air conditioning is like a refrigerator.

    No, really. 😛

  3. We know the hot heat thing. I really like seeing pics of the two of you together.

  4. It’s been hot here, too. I think there’s a fountain in front of the building next door – this post gives me an idea …

    Love the pix!!

  5. I dunno……. besides smiling everytime I think of BingBing I laugh right out loud when I think about the singular of hippie.
    Now I know…. It’s been over a month and I’m having BingBing withdrawals!

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