Doing unto others



I had an Evolve Fish on my last car (maybe the one before that) and as soon as I got my Mini Cooper, I got a new one.  This time I had the foresight to get one with a magnet rather than sticker.  I did this for everything I’ve decided to attach to the car, as I have a jewelry mentality, not a tattoo mentality.  My styles change.  I love my Evolve Fish, but recently I decided to remove it from my car.  Why?  I thought a lot about this post and my feelings about people parading their religious views in public – signs on front yards, etc.  Then I thought about why I put the Evolve Fish on my car.  In many ways, it’s a response to these signs and religious bumper stickers.  And although the bumper stickers tend not to bug me too much, I thought, how different is my Evolve Fish from the fundamentalist billboards and yard signs?  It’s just a different idea, my idea, that I’m parading around.  So, I decided to do unto others as I would like done unto me and I removed it from my car.  I still really like it, so maybe we can use it as a refrigerator magnet.

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  1. Deeply held beliefs are just a precious when held in our hearts, rather than proclaimed publicly. I need to remember this during the next election, and keep my views off my bumper, too 🙂

    • Margie,
      That’s it exactly. I don’t want to parade views that divide people – like religion or politics. I think it’s better kept to more personal discussions when assumptions aren’t so easily made. You know, my neighbors who are parading their religion on their yards are nice people, but I’ve made so many yucky assumptions about them. I try not to, but they invade because of the signs. I’ve decided I don’t want to do that in return. I’m afraid my Evolve Fish will be misunderstood, rather than stimulate discussion – you know at 55 mph down the highway. 🙂

  2. Of course, it could be argued that having no bumper stickers is also making a statement… 😆

  3. What, no FSM?

  4. Okay…. you had sent me an Evolve sticker a million years ago and I loved that thing. It was stolen off my “red car”.
    When I lived in the state previous to where I now live I had a sticker on my car supporting the candidate I wanted to support for president. I was approached by 2 “men” and told to remove it from my car.
    I feel it is just as important to have the freedom to express who and what you identify with. While my previous state of residence offered many freedoms it also excepted many.
    I prefer to be free to express who I am and not feel that I am forcing my beliefs on others. These things can define me but that does not mean that I hold others to be just like me. All the better, accept who I am and I will accept you.

    • You can buy replacement feet for Evolve and Darwin Fish for those that have been vandalized.

      I don’t feel like I was forcing my beliefs on others with the Evolve Fish and neither are those with the fundamentalist yard signs or the billboards. Yet they bug me. They don’t give the opportunity for dialog and I think they set the stage for devisiveness and I decided to stay out of it because I don’t like the conflict. It’s not that it’s inherently wrong. Keep at it, if you like. I’m just explaining why I’m now choosing not to.

      • Oh you’re more than welcome to choose to me unlike moi…… although I have no idea why!!!
        Today I was spending time in the “big city” and was looking out for bumper stickers with this blog in mind. Most people (unfortunately not all) seem very like me in their beliefs as demonstrated via the “bumper”. I never before considered demographics by bumper… it may, in the future, be a good way of decided where I’ll hang my hat.
        I do find my blood pressure rising with some political/religious bumper stickers. I imagine there are people who feel likewise with all varities of stickers. My 2 favorites are on my bulletin board instead of on my bumper: Mean People Suck and What Would Buddha Do? And, of course my NEP magnet on my car!

  5. i like you so much. :O)

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