On the beach

BB’s favorite thing about our trip was the water and sand.

She spent an enormous amount of time carrying buckets of water from the ocean to a hole in the sand.  If anyone has noticed a decrease in the water level in the Atlantic, this may be the explanation.  It all went down this hole… toward China.

That’s the end of the vacation pictures.  So sad it’s over.  I am planning a vacation book post, but no more pictures.  I read two books!  How sweet it was!!!


4 Responses

  1. Wwaaaaayyyy cute!!!

  2. glorious. and 2 whole books?? jealous.

  3. Paige has the same pink seahorse suit and also loves the sand and surf ( and the sand crabs and other critters living at waters edge).

  4. I cannot wait to sink my toes into that same sandy beach.

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