Boardwalk fun

BB loves the beach and the boardwalk too.  We spent some time roaming the boardwalk wilds everyday.

Often with family, but don’t tell.

One night BB’s MawMaw gave each of her grandchildren $1.00 to spend at the boardwalk Dollar Store on anything they wanted.  BB quickly discovered this lovely spinning flower.  We encouraged her to peruse the store a little more before making her final choice.  She briefly considered a toilet plunger before returning to her beloved flower.  I felt she made the better choice, fearing the plunger might become a hat.  She loved dancing with her flower, which is now planted in our yard.


Always up for a stroll, alone and with friends.

Naturally, we had a carnival night!

My word, she takes my breath away sometimes.

Hubs took her on the ferris wheel, which I’ve done other years.  However, since last year and the 30-foot-in-the-air-tantrum on a sky ride (yes, she did), I can’t seem to stomach high rides with her without getting quite dizzy.  I realize the ferris wheel is far safer than the sky ride (Parents, please no sky rides until your child is tantrum-free for 6 months.  Really.)

But I did enjoy being with her low to the ground.

BB also tried her hand at miniature gold, skee ball, and air hockey.  These were all firsts and she enjoyed them all.

Speed golf, anyone?


4 Responses

  1. Looks and sounds like sooooo much fun!

  2. I love ocean city.

  3. I’m thinking that the plunger may have been a better conversation starter!… and a plunger can be used as a light saber!

  4. Your pics always make me long to be there. Hopefully in a few weeks we will be enjoying the same things you did. We haven’t done the ferris wheel with Jammer yet but this may be the year.

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