Last night

BB wanted to go outside with her umbrella and gallavant.  I even persuaded her to put on her fairy princess dress, which you aren’t seeing here, as she decided it was too “sprinkly.”  I think she meant “sparkly,” but it did look a little like it had sprinkles on it, so I didn’t correct her.  Sometimes her way of looking at things just seems right.  It was also scratchy and I’m afraid I’ll never see it on her again.  So she changed into what she called “beach clothes” for all of 45 minutes until bath time.

From pretty feminine to wild cave girl in a minute.  It just takes a quick prop change.  🙂

Then the artist got some sidewalk chalk, stuck her hiney in the air (she does have style!), and drew a line, …

… down the driveway.

All the way down the driveway.

I think she went until her hiney hit the wall.

She came back with her shirt in her mouth (I think she did that so she could see while drawing.  It was soaked).

Then she started down again.

Later she discovered a worm on the sidewalk (“Ewwwwwwwwww!”), which had not been there before.  I noticed a nervous robin and realized she had dropped her babies’ dinner.  So, we stepped back to give her some space and watched her scoop it up.  BB was rather appalled to learn that worms are food and told me that, although robins feed them to their babies, I do not need to feed them to her.  Picky, picky.


4 Responses

  1. This made my heart smile 🙂 What a perfectly sweet moment to capture.

  2. It has never occurred to me to hold my shirt in my mouth while I am doing artwork. I will have to consult with BB about this and give it a try!

    It would be a good time to work on her CSI skills and do a chalk outline of the worm!

  3. Just too funny!!

  4. Funny story. That BB is one true character.

    I wonder how she’d react if you told her you were going to feed her worms. Then you could give her some gummy worms. Could be interesting.

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