Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s quiet around here now.  On Friday, BB gave me a wonderful card she made at The Academy.  Sweet!  Yesterday we did some gardening together and went out for a nice dinner – I was craving a Mojito after gardening.  Today is quiet.  I’m getting a great Mother’s Day gift from BB and Hubs, but not for a little while, as there are some preparations to be made.  Instead of the usual dozen roses, this year I’m getting on of these!

I’ve always admired the look of Japanese maples, but even more I love to pet them, as their leaves are so soft.  We’ll be planting it near our side door, the door we use, so I’ll be able to pet it easily everyday.  When it arrives, and it may be a little while, BB and I can continue our Mother’s Day tradition by taking a leaf to a creek and “giving” it to her Chinese mom.  No, our gift won’t be on Mother’s Day this year it is coming.  I think I will always think of it as for both her moms – first and second.


5 Responses

  1. i love your tradition. i wanted so much to do something today but could think of nothing, other than to think of her and pray.

    i hope next year when ellis “gets it” a bit more, we’ll think of something we can do together- something she chooses, to honor her China Mom.

  2. Our dear Granny wanted a Japanese Maple for her yard. I remember how excited she was when she got it. I had one planted in our yard because I really like them and to honor her.

    Your wanting the tree runs in the family!

    Happy Mother’s day!

  3. I had a beautiful Japanese Maple in my front garden at my last house. There is a trick I learned that keeps Japanese Maples happy and healthy which I’ll share with you: Plant a small juniper very near the Japanese Maple. The plants coexist well because they balance the nutrients of the soil to each other’s benefit. I didn’t tell any of my neighbors in my “old neighborhood” but many people wanted to buy my tree sans the house! My Maple was in honor of my own mother. It was very difficult to leave that tree behind but it actually was part of the contract on the sale of the house.

  4. That is a wonderful gift and a new beautiful tradition you will be creating together.

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