A week in pictures

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In the beginning, there was a day with Pande.  Yup, he went everywhere with her – as always.  She was pleased to find that he could ride on her tricycle and you can see in one picture where she is checking in to make sure he is safe.  This was early in the ride and she wasn’t too sure about things yet.

Later, we had a grand and glorious second-Easter at our house with my family, including a few cuzlets.  BB was happy to show off the yard and her new sandbox, complete with sand.  Woo hoo!  Toys, came a little later.  The game you see the cuzlets playing in our living room is called Elefun, which I highly recommend for the toddler set.  I’m not generally a fan of battery operated toys, but this is a delight, keeping kids occupied and giggly in the house endlessly.  I need to plan Elefun dates at our house.

Finally, I got BB some sand toys and the kids can’t get enough of sandbox time.  I did expect this, as they have been a hit at other people’s houses.  She is a busy girl out there.  Playwise we are in good shape, inside and out.


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  1. I always love to see what BB has been up to. I’ll have to check out that game for Jammer.

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