Teach Me Time! alarm clock



This post if for my blogging friend, Michele, who loves it when I post about BB’s “gadgets.”  She just ordered the gyroscopic bowl, still a favorite at The House of Bing, and also has this wearable ID bracelet that we use for outings and I noticed on her son in China.  Since she seems to like these posts, I thought I’d add another “gadget” we like.  It’s the Teach Me Time! alarm clock, which you can view at this website.  You’ll have to work to find one, but it’s worth it if you find yourself in our position.  We decided we should get one, because we were being awakened anytime between 3:00 and 5:30 AM with a rambunctious Bing who swore she just wanted to sleep with us, but then kicked and was a little too energetic for our desires.  Sending her back to her bed led to nasty tantrums.  So, we got this alarm clock, which changes color, instead of buzzing.  She understands that she isn’t to get up, unless sick or needing to use the potty or something important, until her clock turns green.  You know what?  She gets it!  She likes it.  We are all sleeping later.  I found one by scouring the Internet.  It’s kind of cheaply made, but it is serving our purposes well.  If you are interested, you might be able to find one or something like it too. 


5 Responses

  1. Chuck and I are talking about this tonight and we just might be the proud owners of one very soon. I fully believe in Mommas sharing the knowledge of the goodies. Thanks as always.

  2. Hope’s alarm clock glowed different colors…I wondered if it was too bright and contributed to her waking (you couldn’t turn off the light part)
    I like the idea of the green instead of buzzing.

  3. Thanks for the ideas, I just ordered the wrist band.

  4. We got this one for Noah recently: http://www.mytotclock.com/home.php. It’s the same concept, but it also plays music at bed time which he really likes. The first two days he got up before it turned yellow and said, “Mommy, it’s taking too long,” but we eventually got the point across that he needed to wait.

    • Tracy, My Tot Clock looks very nice! I like the features that ours doesn’t have, especially the time out timer and good behavior encouragement timer. That’s nice. I’ve been thinking a timer would be nice for BB, as at 3 she has little sense of time, and it might help her track how long she has to get ready for things. This clock might help with that. The one we have is supposed to teach how to tell time, but we haven’t used that yet. My Tot Clock looks like it might be more solid, too.

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