Easter Egg Hunt!

We went an Easter Party at an FCC family’s house.

BB is quite an expert egg hunter.  Not that I was surprised.

Hanging out with the rest of the gang.

These two pictures are my favorite.  She had just run into the house to get Pande because she wanted to give him a bike ride.  He rode with her for quite a while and I heard her comforting him when she rode down a hill, “it’s okay, Pande, I know you’re scared.  I’ll keep you safe.”  And she did.

It was a wonderful party.  I wish we could get together with these kids and families more often.

BB ate a boatload of candy, more than I’ve ever let her have, she didn’t eat a lot of ordinary food (for her), and she only napped 1 hour.  Yet, she had a really great day.  We even painted her new sandbox.  That will be one long post when it’s all done!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!


One Response

  1. looks like a total blast 🙂 we didn’t even DYE eggs here b/c i suck. :O)

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