When I put her on the toilet and she doesn’t have to go, she says, “there’s no pee in my hiney!”

Singing to Daddy “Daddy is a smart boy.” — Daddy’s very proud of that one and wants to make sure all his siblings know about it.

BB was curious about Nicky’s (our cat’s) method of taking a bath.  When Hubs explained she remarked that, “I used to lick my fur when I was a cat.”  Later, I questioned her some more.  She said she was a purple cat when she was in China.  She then listed many of her stuffed animals and a blankie and told me what color cats they were when they were younger.  She’s very into to talking about “a long time ago when I was a baby,” but this was the first time she switched species.  Since then she’s told us more stories about “when I was a baby…” or “a long time ago when I was a …”  To my knowledge she has been a cat and a big, BIG panda.

About a week before getting Bert, I asked BB if I should get a new car and she said, “yes, a pink one to match my shoes.”  I think I’ve finally been forgiven for getting a red car.

She was looking at a picture of my granny when she was about 18-years-old.  I reminded her that it was a picture of my granny when she was very young.  She said, “my granny is very, VERY BIG!!!”  My mom’s a small woman, so this made me laugh.


4 Responses

  1. I guess I need to ask, does hubby have a tape player hidden in The Bing’s room? He didn’t take out the one I put there encouraging the pronunciation of “u” in the word “aunt”?
    One thing I am a bit concerned about since shoes do get mentioned a bit on this blog, can BingBing start therapy now for the inevitable “shoe issues” she’s going to have? Since it’s learned and not genetic the therapy may be fast and easy at this stage as opposed to when she gets into her 20’s…….

  2. Last Friday she told me that she had a biiiigggg tail when she was a mermaid. We were watching the preview for “The Little Mermaid” at the beginning of “Mary Poppins”.

  3. she is such a crack up.

  4. I already knew that my bro was a smart boy – but I’m sure he’s comforted to know that it’s now posted on the internet for the whole wide world to see!

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