Saying goodbye

I’ve had this car a long… long time.  At one time, I was able to fantasize that my car thought that it was the Batmobile.  Yes, I had fantasies that my car had fantasies.   But recently, I can’t even do that anymore.  It’s just too sad.  It seems that every time I get in the car, something else is wrong with it, although in its defense, it still drives great.  Happier car days are ahead for me.


5 Responses

  1. What car will you adopt into your family next? Avoid the Mazda 5!

    • Not a Mazda 5. I did ask Santa for one at least 3 times in 2009. This childhood form of praying may have come through for me. Or maybe it was in the cards. Or maybe it’s just time for a new car… my dream car. Any guesses?

  2. Well I know of your “Dream Car” but to me, you’ll always be driving a white VW Rabbit!

    • It was a Golf. I loved that car! And to me you’ll always be driving that little red “pregnant rollerskate” the Ford Festiva. There may be some little, red rollerskate jokes in my future – zoom zoom.

  3. Can’t wait to see the new car! It’s the same kind that I’ve been dreaming of for a few years!! So watch out – because I already know how to drive stick shift 🙂

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