Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā, the panda family

Today BB arranged a picment (that’s picnic) for Boomer and the pandas, Dà Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā (Big Little Water Melon), and Zhōng Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā (Middle Little Water Melon) and Xiǎo Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā (Little Little Water Melon).  The first, Dà Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā, was named for a panda in a Ni Hao Kai-Lan episode, who is simply Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā,  and she takes him everywhere.  One of his arms is rather floppy because she holds it so much.  He is often badly in need of a bath and he’s very lucky he hasn’t fallen in the toilet, as his toilet training has been as intense as hers.  He is truly a worldly bear.  In fact, he came from China (well, the other bears probably did too), but he was given to her there by our adoption reps and has been with her as long as we have.  He became her best friend within the past 2 months or so.  We thought it would be Boomer (the black bear), but Dà Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā lept to the front at some point.  Then, I found these other pandas in a toy pile disaster-zone, gave them to her, and they were named too.  So we have, Big Pande, Middle Pande, and Little Pande.  And, yes, we realize that Big Little Water Melon is a little odd, but he was Little Water Melon before the need to add Big came along.  So, there we have it – the Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā / Pande Family.

Suddenly, in the midst of this wonderful picment, Boomer did something (I was there, but it was too subtle for me to recognize) and BB removed him from the party (quite forcefully, I might add) and he was sent to the kitchen for a time-out.

And we were left with pandas only.  That’s a birthday cake they are eating, for those of you who don’t recognize such things.

Here’s BB wearing her brand new panda pajamas for the very first time.  It is an exciting time!

Yes, it is!

For all of us, as it’s been 8 full days of no diapers, except at night and no more accidents than last reported.  I don’t even think Dà Xiǎo Xhuǐ Guā has had an accident, but I didn’t check on that with BB.  He does wear her underwear from time to time and I am not aware of any messes.  She likes them to match.


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  1. I LOVE the haircut. It looks fabulous on her. she looks so grown-up and elegant.

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