A potty trained Bing is a wonderful thing

We got it; we got it,

We really, really do!

We got it; we got it,

We know just what to do!

For those of you who watch Ni Hao Kai-Lan, you know that song well and it’s a constant earworm for me.  But yes, it’s been a week of no diapers or pull-ups, except at night.  And yes, we are all very, very excited.  We are now a potty trained household – Mommy, Daddy, BB, the cats, and even Pande (trained by BB herself).  BB has informed us that the diaper pail can go and we think she is right.

How did this monumental event occur, you want to know?  First of all, it was no single event.  This took forever because, as it turns out, Hubs and I are not particularly good at this potty training thing.  There were some issues, like huge pooping in the potty fears, which Hubs was great in helping her overcome, but in many ways, I think we were her biggest barrier.  There were many times that I thought she was ready, but something would get in the way.  And often that thing… it was me.  So, back to how this occurred. 

We’ve been sending The Bing to The Academy in underwear, with back-up clothes for accidents, for a while now.  And for a few weeks there have been no accidents.  Still, on the weekends we’d end up putting her in a pull-up for convenience.  You know, because we were going out and didn’t want to risk an accident in the car or a friend’s house or, you know… public.  Then last Friday we all went to a restaurant after work/school and I quickly checked BB and she was wearing … underwear.  In public.  We had to face the public bathroom.  Me and her.  And… we did it!!!!  Woo hoo!  The next day, we had a playdate, so we did it, in underwear (yes, both of us) and used the toilet (yes, both of us).  And, it just goes on and on.  Next, BB started telling us when she had to poop, as the fear was drifting, as Hubs had grabbed her pre-poop a few times and she went on the toilet (in fear), but came to learn that, in fact it is probably easier to poop on the potty than in a diaper (no diaper resistance and all).  After a week of only one accident (hey, they happen), we have decided to remove the diaper pail from her room, likely forever.  BB informed me last night that she plans to use the potty “again and again and again.”  I think this is a very wise plan.  Yup, we’re over 3 and we are potty people!

One final note (annoying sermon about to begin)… Pull-Ups, Easy-Ups and other such diaper/underwear cross-over devices… if you are entering the potty training phase… I say, “DON’T DO IT!”  Yes, I am yelling.  They are evil.  They will delay your progress.  You and your child will become dependent upon them, because, uh, they are just like diapers and kids, they aren’t dumb.  They will figure this out very quickly.  The ones that get cold when wet?  So what!  What kid doesn’t know they are wet.  Who cares, they can keep playing.  The only thing I think they are good for is wearing at night after your child is trained during the day.  I had heard this, but we fell into the Pull-Up trap.  To those who aren’t there yet… don’t do it.  Let your kid make a little mess and clean it up.  In the long run, things will go much faster.  I’m sure of it.  (End of sermon).


12 Responses

  1. Oh this deserves a CELEBRATION!!!!!
    Yay mom! Yay Dad!
    And Yay Auntie Phoenix who can now kidnap the most adorable gigantic niece I have!

  2. Mazel tov. We are getting very close ourselves. Does she want to come over and give out some pointers?

  3. yeah for BB!!!…..and yeah for mom!!!….my son was scared to poop on the potty…so one day i just told him we have no more diapers and he had no choice….i don’t think i scarred him too much…lol……can’t wait for eli to be out of those money stealing non green plastic wraps……..and your right pull ups are evil!!


    • I don’t think that would have worked for BB. She was fairly content to poop in her underwear at the end. She just had to learn it was okay, if not better to poop in the potty.

  4. Congratulations BB!

  5. Hooray for Bing~Bing, Mom and Dad!!!

  6. Congrats and Woo Hoo! :o)

  7. i was actually SINGING the lines as SOON as i saw them typed out up there. congrats on such great progress. i fear we’ll always have to have some kind of back-up (since she can’t feel when she goes) until surgery at school age. she stays dry now that we’re cathing, but you NEVER know… and neither does she!

    • Kris,
      Sorry to contact you this way, but could I get the PW to the blog attached to your name here? I’d love to read this blog, if that’s okay.

  8. WAhoo!! We, like you, get in the way of Q’s potty training (which she has absolutely taken into her own hands) by dint of our sheer laziness. It’s sad, really. Q is ready to go, but we’re too lazy to worry about going out of the house without a diaper. IN the house, she’s 100% trained – no accidents – and has been since the second day of trying.
    Sooner or later, mommy and daddy are gonna have to step up to the plate and brave the outside world, because Q is READY. She is not afraid of public toilets. SHe always knows when she has to go.
    And I’m glad to hear you say that pull-ups are for the birds. I got that feeling from the start. For Q it is the “diaper-y feel” on her butt that tells her if she can pee in her pants or not. If there’s the feel of a diaper, she’ll just go ahead and use it. She already knows how to pull her pants down and up, so no issue there. I’m for ditching the pull-ups.

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